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11 Enchanting Unicorn Birthday Decorations and Party Ideas

Whether your child is turning 3 or 13, unicorn birthday parties remain a popular theme among kids. The allure of magic, wonder, and fairytale adventures makes it a delightful choice for a colorful and creative...

Unicorn birthday decorations: mother and daughter celebrating a birthday

Whether your child is turning 3 or 13, unicorn birthday parties remain a popular theme among kids. The allure of magic, wonder, and fairytale adventures makes it a delightful choice for a colorful and creative party. In this article, we will share the best unicorn birthday decorations, party ideas, and cake suggestions to help you plan a spectacular celebration that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Magical Unicorn Birthday Decorations and Party Ideas

Unicorn birthday decorations: different shapes of balloons

Are you wondering how to turn your magical plans for a unicorn party into reality? Here are some of our favorite unicorn party decorations and ideas to help you create the perfect themed celebration.

1. Rainbow Unicorn Centerpiece

Wow your party guests with an impressive unicorn-themed centerpiece as they sit down to enjoy drinks, snacks, and birthday cake. You can buy a specially-made centerpiece from a birthday supplies store or create a cute homemade display using toy unicorns. For a fun idea, purchase a collection of adorable figurines to use as a table display and let each guest take one home as a unicorn party favor.

2. Unicorn Balloon Arch

We love a balloon arch, and a unicorn themed version works brilliantly as a welcome decoration or as a photo backdrop. Create a balloon garland and shape it into an arch. You can mix pastel balloons that complement your party theme or go bold with primary rainbow colors. For extra sparkle, consider adding glittery balloons.

3. Unicorn Pinata

Unicorn birthday decorations: close up shot of a unicorn-shaped piñata

No party is complete without a swing at the pinata. A unicorn pinata works both as decor and as a fun party game. You can find one at your local party supply store or online. If you're feeling crafty, consider making DIY mini unicorn pinatas for fabulous decorations and party favors.

4. Iridescent Backdrop

Create a fun backdrop for your themed party with an iridescent background. This unicorn birthday decoration is great whether you opt for a more subdued, pastel color palette or the vibrant hues of a rainbow birthday party. Use iridescent foil curtains or a series of streamers to create a DIY photo booth or decorate your cake table. If iridescent backdrops are not readily available, a pastel table cover or fabric can achieve a similarly gorgeous effect.

5. Unicorn Mylar Balloons

Add excitement and joy to your party space with giant unicorn foil balloons, also known as mylar balloons. These decorations bring your party theme to life, even if you prefer a more minimalistic approach. Visit your local party supply store and pick up some unicorn foil balloons along with other pastel, rainbow, or star-shaped balloons to complete the look. Tie them with colorful ribbons and place them around your party to liven up the atmosphere.

6. Unicorn-Themed Party Supplies and Tableware

Unicorn birthday decorations: family celebrating a birthday

The best part of a unicorn-themed party is the freedom to explore various colors, prints, and patterns. Choose party hats, tablecloths, paper plates, cups, napkins, and straws that match your theme. From bright stripes to pastel polka dots and metallic accents, the options are endless. If you're on a budget or wish to reduce waste, consider reusing any eclectic and colorful tableware you already have.

7. Unicorn Birthday Banner

Birthday banners are timeless party decorations that never go out of style. Hang a unicorn birthday banner at the entrance of your party venue and add a few more on the walls or in the backyard for an extra pop of birthday magic.

8. Magical Unicorn Cake

Unicorn birthday decorations: unicorn themed cake

The birthday cake is often the star feature of most parties and makes for one of the best unicorn birthday decorations. Treat everyone to a magical moment with a unicorn-themed cake. Whether you opt for rainbow icing, pastel rosettes, or a unicorn-shaped cake, let your creativity shine. Additionally, a simple store-bought or home-baked cake with a unicorn cake topper or a hand-drawn unicorn is always a delightful choice.

9. Adorable Unicorn Cupcakes

Unicorn themed cupcakes

Share the fun with your guests by serving unicorn-themed cupcakes either as the main cake or as party favors. Bake your own unicorn cupcakes or buy some from the store and decorate them with candy and writing icing. To make them extra special, consider adding a sticker to the wrapper with the guest's name.

10. Rainbow Confetti

To bring your party tables to life without overwhelming unicorn birthday decorations, consider the magic of rainbow confetti. This versatile party supply adds color and interest to your tablescapes and doubles as a fun prop for celebration. Look for confetti in the shape of magical unicorns, rainbows, or confetti in bright or pastel tones. For an eco-friendly touch, use multi-colored rose petals or even coconut flakes instead of disposable plastic or paper confetti.

11. Unicorn-Themed Party Favors

Don't forget to create unicorn-themed gift bags and favors for your partygoers to take home. Fill mini bags or boxes with unicorn treats, such as unicorn headbands, stickers, pencils, erasers, mini coloring books, or bubbles. Tailor your party favors to fit your budget and the ages of your guests. Adding a handwritten thank you note adds a personal touch to make the recipients feel extra special.

Adorable Unicorn Birthday Invitations

Girls wearing unicorn costumes and taking a groufie

A party as exciting as the one you're planning deserves invitations that match the magic. Wow your guests with these unicorn-themed invitations, suitable for unicorn fans of all ages.

Unicorn Rainbow Magic Invitation

This cute unicorn rainbow magic invitation blends a love for unicorns with contemporary illustrations of rainbows, stars, and fluffy clouds. It's perfect for toddler and teen birthday parties alike.

Unicorn Magic Invitation

This elegant and timeless unicorn invitation is ideal for a classic unicorn-themed party while still being suitable for a child's birthday celebration.

Unicorn Rainbow Invitation

If you're looking for a photo invitation with a unicorn theme, this photo invite is the perfect choice. The adorable pastel illustrations create a lovely frame for a photo of the birthday guest of honor.

Host the Ultimate Celebration with These Unicorn Birthday Decorations and Party Ideas

Unicorn birthday decorations: family celebrating a birthday

Decorating for a unicorn-themed party is a delight, allowing you to embrace the magic of fairy tales, rainbows, and wonder. To invite your guests to the enchantment, use one of our unicorn birthday party invites from Greenvelope. Personalize the colors, layout, font, and wording to create your own masterpiece. Customize your design and send these digital invitations via email or text—it's like magic!

Remember, the key to a memorable unicorn birthday celebration is to unleash your creativity and let the magic unfold. With these enchanting decorations and party ideas, your child's special day will be an unforgettable experience filled with wonder and joy!