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100+ Fundraising Event Ideas to Capture Donors' Hearts and Support Your Mission

If you're a nonprofit leader, you understand the significance of fundraising events. They are a vital way to connect with donors, rally support for your cause, and achieve your financial goals. But with technology advancing,...

If you're a nonprofit leader, you understand the significance of fundraising events. They are a vital way to connect with donors, rally support for your cause, and achieve your financial goals.

But with technology advancing, virtual and hybrid events gaining popularity, and new event ideas emerging, it can be challenging to determine the best fundraising event that resonates with your audience, objectives, and mission.

If you're looking for creative and engaging fundraising ideas to boost your funding, you've come to the right place! We at Qgiv have compiled an extensive list of fundraising event ideas categorized for easy browsing:

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Ideas

Peer-to-peer fundraising is an incredible opportunity to leverage the personal networks and expand the reach of your campaign. By recruiting supporters to fundraise on your behalf, you tap into established relationships that increase the likelihood of donations. Consider the following ideas:

  • Board fundraisers - Empower your nonprofit board of directors, as professionals in the charitable space, to fundraise on your organization's behalf.
  • Virtual house parties - Gather supporters online for virtual house parties where peer-to-peer volunteers lead and raise funds for your cause.
  • Dodgeball tournament - Host a dodgeball tournament where participants garner support from friends and family, both online and in-person.
  • Donate and dare - Encourage participants to pledge a dare for a specified fundraising goal, engaging friends and family to donate.
  • Cornhole tournament - Create a fun cornhole tournament for supporters to fundraise among their friends and family.
  • Trending viral challenges - Use viral challenges like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and generate funds.
  • Give-it-up challenges - Challenge supporters to give up sweets, social media, or another vice for a set period, encouraging donations.
  • Workout challenge - Have participants pledge fitness challenges and request donations from friends and family.
  • Tribute fundraisers - Encourage supporters to raise funds in tribute to someone or a group they want to support.
  • Over the edge - Organize a challenge where participants rappel down a building to raise awareness and funds for your cause.
  • DIY events - Empower your supporters to start their own fundraisers through DIY events for causes they care about.
  • Races - Organize walkathons or bikeathons, either virtually or in-person, to engage participants and raise funds.
  • Trivia bowl - Host a trivia night as a fun competition that combines entertainment with fundraising for your cause.

Auction Fundraising Ideas

Auctions are classic go-to fundraising events that generate excitement and offer valuable prizes. Consider the following auction-themed ideas:

  • Trunk or Treat Yo Self Auction - Host an auction event where participants decorate their car trunks and create a viewing area for items.
  • Get to Know Your Hometown auction - Organize an auction selling items that relate to your community or hometown.
  • Travel auction - Host an auction exclusively featuring travel-related items like vacation packages and luxury luggage sets.
  • Food-themed auction - Auction off food-related items like recipes, restaurant gift certificates, and food baskets.
  • The collectibles auction - Gather unique and hard-to-find items like sports memorabilia or antiques for an exciting auction.
  • Adventure-themed auction - Auction off adventure packages like skydiving experiences or white water rafting trips.
  • Sports-themed auctions - Auction sports-themed items like high-end equipment, lessons, or game tickets.
  • Summer fun auction - Organize an auction featuring summer-related items like theme park tickets and beach gear.
  • Gift basket auction - Create themed gift baskets and auction them off, attracting supporters eager to bid.
  • Mystery auction - Host a mystery auction where attendees guess the content of items and bid to win exciting prizes.

Family-Friendly Fundraising Events

Family-friendly events are perfect for nonprofits working with children and families. These events provide engaging activities that encourage continued support. Consider the following family-friendly fundraising ideas:

  • Family field day - Organize a fun field day where families compete in games like potato sack races and food eating contests.
  • Scavenger hunt - Host a scavenger hunt with teams competing to collect or photograph items around the community.
  • Costume contest - Hold a costume contest where attendees donate to vote for their favorite costumes.
  • Balloon pop - Set up a balloon pop event where balloons contain slips with prizes for participants to pop and win.
  • Crafting parties - Host crafting parties where families create crafts related to your mission or the current season.
  • Trivia night - Organize a trivia night where families compete, showcasing their knowledge while fundraising.
  • Ice cream social - Invite families to an ice cream social where they pay to enjoy a variety of ice cream flavors.
  • Game night - Host a family game night where attendees enjoy friendly competition and fundraise for your organization.
  • Carnival - Bring the community together with a carnival fundraising event featuring games and rides.
  • Lock-ins - Organize a lock-in event for families to enjoy an overnight stay with activities and entertainment.
  • Classic car shows - Host a classic car show, attracting car enthusiasts and raising funds for your cause.
  • Afternoon tea event - Plan an afternoon tea event where families can enjoy a comfortable, classy atmosphere.

Recreational Fundraising Ideas

For fun and exciting fundraising events, consider recreational activities that appeal to a wide range of supporters. These events can be easily adapted to different organizations and their audiences. Consider the following recreational fundraising ideas:

  • 5K - Organize a 5K race either in-person or virtually, providing a challenging and engaging fundraising opportunity.
  • Marathon - Host a marathon event, offering participants the chance to test their endurance and raise funds for your cause.
  • Costumed fun run - Combine fun and costumes in a themed fun run that attracts participants and raises funds.
  • Pet-friendly 5K - Create a pet-friendly 5K event that allows participants to run with their furry friends.
  • Bowl-a-thon - Host a bowl-a-thon and offer participants the opportunity to compete and raise funds.
  • Golf-a-thon - Organize a golf tournament where participants can enjoy a day on the range while raising funds.
  • Dance-off - Host a dance-off fundraising event, encouraging participants to dance and raise funds.
  • Poker run - Plan a poker run event where participants visit multiple locations, drawing cards to create the best hand.
  • Cycling event - Organize a fundraising event centered around a cycling challenge, attracting biking enthusiasts.
  • Obstacle course event - Create an obstacle course event featuring exciting challenges like climbing, racing, and balancing.

Fundraising Event Ideas for the Creative

Inspire your creative supporters with fundraising events that cater to their talents and passions. These events often involve competitions and generate a lot of excitement. Consider the following creative fundraising event ideas:

  • Talent show - Recruit talented supporters to showcase their skills in a talent show and award prizes to winners.
  • Fashion show - Host a fashion show where participants can walk the runway, showcasing their stylish outfits.
  • Art show - Organize an art show where local artists can display and sell their artwork, providing a unique fundraising opportunity.
  • Cooking contest - Host a cooking contest where participants can showcase their culinary skills and raise funds.
  • Battle of the Bands - Plan a battle of the bands event where local musicians compete for a chance to win a prize.
  • Theater performance - Organize a theater performance, allowing attendees to enjoy live entertainment while supporting your cause.
  • Sandcastle art - If you're near a beach, host a sandcastle art contest where participants can create sand sculptures.
  • Craft-off - Encourage creativity and craftiness with a craft-off event where participants compete in various crafting categories.
  • Costume contest - Organize a costume contest where participants can showcase their creativity and compete for prizes.

"A Night on the Town" Fundraising Events

Celebrate and let loose with fundraising events that provide a night of entertainment and enjoyment for your supporters. These events offer unique experiences and can generate tremendous support. Consider the following fundraising event ideas:

  • Gala - Host a fundraising gala, offering a sophisticated evening with entertainment and opportunities to support your cause.
  • Pub crawl - Organize a pub crawl event where supporters can explore local bars and restaurants while fundraising.
  • Dinner parties - Host fundraising dinner parties, inviting guests to enjoy a delicious meal while supporting your mission.
  • Awards banquets - Honor accomplishments with an awards banquet, recognizing individuals and organizations while raising funds.
  • Singles event - Create a singles fundraising event, providing an opportunity for individuals to meet and connect.
  • Restaurant tour - Organize a restaurant tour, partnering with local eateries to offer unique dining experiences.
  • Silent disco - Host a silent disco event where participants wear wireless headphones and dance to the music.
  • Alumni mixers - Arrange alumni mixers for your organization, inviting former members to reconnect and support your cause.
  • Themed fundraising dinner - Host a themed dinner event, allowing attendees to dress up and enjoy a unique culinary experience.
  • Murder-mystery show - Engage your supporters with a murder-mystery show event, providing entertainment and fundraising opportunities.
  • Casino night - Invite supporters to a casino night fundraiser, offering games and excitement while raising funds.
  • Winery/brewery tour - Partner with local wineries or breweries to host a tour event, providing entertainment and fundraising opportunities.
  • Parents' night out - Offer parents a night off by providing childcare along with an entertaining event for them to enjoy.

Fundraising Sales Events

Sales events are popular and effective ways to quickly raise funds for your organization. These events require an online fundraising page or ecommerce platform and a way to accept donations in person. Consider the following fundraising sales event ideas:

  • Swap shop - Organize a swap shop event where participants exchange items they no longer need, encouraging reuse and fundraising.
  • Craft fair - Host a craft fair, gathering handmade crafts from community members and providing a platform to sell their creations.
  • Plant sale - Partner with local nurseries to host a plant sale event, attracting gardening enthusiasts and raising funds.
  • Farmer's market - Organize a farmer's market to showcase local farmers' produce, attracting attendees who can purchase items.
  • Book sale - Collect used books from the community and host a book sale event, allowing attendees to find new reading materials.
  • Pet treat/toys sales - Offer pet treats or toys for sale, providing supporters an opportunity to spoil their furry friends.
  • "Sell" your skills event - Encourage community members to sell their skills as a service, allowing supporters to hire them for various tasks.
  • Rummage sale - Collect second-hand items and host a rummage sale, providing affordable options for attendees while fundraising.
  • Restaurant partnership nights - Partner with local restaurants for fundraising nights, where a portion of sales goes toward your cause.

Simple Fundraising Events

Return to the basics with simple fundraising events that are easy to organize and offer valuable opportunities for your supporters to contribute. Consider the following simple fundraising event ideas:

  • Car wash - Host a car wash event, allowing supporters to have their cars cleaned while raising funds for your organization.
  • Pet grooming - Organize a pet grooming event, providing grooming services for attendees' pets and fundraising simultaneously.
  • Lemonade stand - Set up a lemonade stand in a busy area, offering refreshing drinks and collecting donations for your cause.
  • Bingo night - Organize a bingo night, providing a fun and engaging experience for participants to win prizes and support your mission.
  • Movie night - Host a movie night, allowing attendees to enjoy a film while fundraising through ticket sales and concessions.
  • Serve-a-thon - Recruit volunteers or participants to complete service projects in the community, raising funds through their commitment.
  • Face-painting/caricature drawings - Provide face-painting or caricature drawing services at an event, allowing attendees to have fun while supporting your cause.
  • Read-a-thon - Encourage participants to read and collect donations based on the number of pages read or chapters completed.
  • Pajama day - Organize a pajama day event, inviting attendees to dress comfortably and donate to participate.
  • Other Simple Events - Explore other simple events like talent shows, walkathons, bake sales, or charity runs to engage supporters and raise funds.

Adventure-Themed Fundraising Ideas

For your adrenaline-seeking supporters, adventure-themed fundraising events provide exhilarating opportunities to raise funds for your cause. Consider partnering with other organizations or companies to host these thrilling events:

  • Polar plunge - Organize a polar plunge event where participants dive into icy waters, attracting participants and raising funds for your cause.
  • Weekend Warrior event - Plan a weekend of relaxation, fun, and adventure for veterans and their families to support their well-being.
  • Skydiving fundraiser - Offer supporters the chance to skydive and fundraise on behalf of your mission, creating an unforgettable experience.
  • Ninja Warrior course - Create a course inspired by the Ninja Warrior show, challenging participants to overcome obstacles and raise funds.
  • Escape rooms - Partner with escape room companies to host fundraising events that challenge participants' problem-solving skills.
  • Triathlons - Organize triathlons that combine swimming, biking, and running, providing a thrilling experience for participants.
  • Mud run - Create a muddy obstacle course event that pushes participants to their limits while raising funds for your organization.

Class Fundraising Events

Learning-focused events provide unique and enriching experiences for your supporters. These events empower attendees to expand their knowledge and develop new skills. Consider hosting the following class-based fundraising events:

  • Cooking lessons - Employ local chefs or volunteers to teach cooking workshops, sharing culinary skills with your supporters.
  • Crafting classes - Organize crafting classes, allowing participants to learn various crafts while supporting your organization.
  • Intro to gardening classes - Share gardening knowledge with enthusiasts, enabling participants to learn basic gardening skills.
  • Sports workshops - Host sports workshops, providing participants with opportunities to learn and enhance athletic abilities.
  • Guitar lessons - Offer guitar lessons or classes for budding musicians, enabling participants to hone their musical talents.
  • Online webinar series - Create online webinars to educate supporters on various topics while connecting them to your mission.
  • Voice lessons - Teach participants vocal techniques and provide voice lessons to those aspiring to become singers.
  • Improv classes - Foster creativity and spontaneity with improv classes, allowing participants to develop valuable acting skills.
  • Acting classes - Provide acting classes for supporters interested in performing arts, helping them refine their acting abilities.
  • Tech classes - Offer tech classes that teach participants basic computer skills, coding, or other tech-related subjects.
  • Language lessons - Host language lessons where participants can learn new languages or improve existing language skills.

Final Thoughts

These 100+ fundraising event ideas offer a wide range of possibilities to engage your supporters and raise funds for your cause. Remember, many of these events can include virtual elements or pivot to hybrid formats if needed. To plan the best fundraising event for your nonprofit, explore additional resources:

With the right event, you can capture donors' hearts, create an enjoyable experience, and support your organization's mission. So, get ready to plan and execute a successful fundraising event that leaves a lasting impact!