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10 World-Famous Event Planning Companies & Brands That Will Inspire You

Looking for inspiration from the best in the business? You've come to the right place! These renowned event planning companies and brands raise the bar year after year, leaving a lasting impression on their audiences....

Looking for inspiration from the best in the business? You've come to the right place! These renowned event planning companies and brands raise the bar year after year, leaving a lasting impression on their audiences. Get ready to be inspired by their stage-stealing performances and innovative approaches. Read on to discover some suggestions you can use for your upcoming event.

10 World-Famous Event Planning Companies & Brands That Will Inspire You 10 World-Famous Event Planning Companies & Brands That Will Inspire You

1. Bassett Events, Inc.

If you're looking to organize high-profile private parties, philanthropic events, or extravagant weddings, Bassett Events is the go-to choice. Under the direction of Jennifer Bassett, this small but talented team excels at adding a touch of surprise to even the most beautiful occasions. Based in Canada, Toronto, they offer a wide range of services, including complete event production and design, vendor contract negotiation, staffing, sponsor and media management, and video production. Bassett Events has worked with notable clients such as Jeremy Piven, Carrie Underwood, John Legend, Toronto Zoo, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, and many others.

2. MKG

MKG, with offices in Los Angeles and New York City, specializes in creating immersive "brand experiences." They offer a variety of services, including event production, creative campaign development, display and environment design, and insights research. MKG has worked with well-known companies like BarkBox, ShopBop, Google, Audi, and Delta Air Lines. What sets MKG apart is their ability to create extraordinary events that go beyond the norm. On their website, you'll find life-size art installations, adult-sized ball pits, and hot-dog seesaws.

3. Colin Cowie

Colin Cowie, operating in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and New York City, is known for their expertise in organizing weddings, business gatherings, and private parties. Their comprehensive services include finding venues, event planning, flower and décor design, guest list management, social media, and more. Over the years, Colin Cowie has served high-profile clients such as Oprah, Jennifer Aniston, Elton John, Kim Kardashian, American Express, Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Hard Rock Hotels. Colin Cowie is not only a renowned event planner but also a well-known writer, designer, and TV personality.

4. David Tutera

Based in Los Angeles, David Tutera specializes in organizing weddings, charity events, and more. Their services include event planning, production, décor, vendor management, and more. With an impressive client list that includes The White House, The Alzheimer's Association, The Make-A-Wish Foundation, Prince Charles, Jennifer Lopez, and Matthew McConaughey, David Tutera is well-established in the industry. David Tutera himself is a TV personality and a designer of wedding gowns. Their team aims to provide experiences that fuel your imagination and fulfill your wildest dreams.

5. A Perfect Event

Located in Chicago, A Perfect Event excels in organizing weddings, galas, business gatherings, birthday celebrations, and more. Their services cover event management, flowers, stationery, style, favors, and more. A Perfect Event has served clients such as the Chicago Cubs, Dom Perignon, Kendra Scott, Louis Vuitton, and Oprah. Debi Lilly, the driving force behind A Perfect Event, uses her event planning expertise to help clients escape reality. In addition to designing and producing events, A Perfect Event operates the DL Lounge, a small event venue. Debi Lilly is known for serving well-known clientele, including Oprah's live birthday celebration.

6. Rafanelli Events

With locations in Boston, New York City, and Palm Beach, Rafanelli Events is a leader in wedding planning, charity galas, private gatherings, and business events. They provide full-service event planning, branding, and consultation. Notable clients of Rafanelli Events include Matt Damon, Chelsea Clinton, Allison Williams, and Barack and Michelle Obama. Bryan Rafanelli, the founder, president, and CCO of the company, is one of the top celebrity wedding planners. Known for his attention to detail, Bryan and his team strive to "try to tell a story" through every event they plan.

7. Oren Co

Operating in Los Angeles and New York City, Oren Co specializes in organizing exclusive celebrity gatherings and nuptials. They offer full-service event management, planning, and design. Oren Co has worked with renowned clients such as Reese Witherspoon, Natalie Portman, Adam Levine, and Jason Bateman. Led by Yifat Oren, the team at Oren Co is known for their opulent experiences and cutting-edge events. Considered one of the top tastemakers in A-list events, Oren Co sets the standard for discreet parties.

8. Wonderland

With locations in Miami, New York, and London, Wonderland aims to create brand-forward experiences. Their services include experiential marketing, social media, brand strategy, event design, and production. Wonderland has collaborated with companies like ASOS, Topshop, Ariana Grande, and Hagen-Dazs. Compared to other established businesses, Wonderland brings a more positive, contemporary, and youthful atmosphere. With over 15 years of experience, Wonderland specializes in "creative-led experiential" events for luxury, travel, retail, technology, and various brand verticals.

9. Verizon

Located in New York, New York, Verizon hosts a range of events, including open houses and recruiting occasions. Their ongoing open house and hiring event series is accessible and valuable, offering insights into inside sales career paths and other opportunities. Verizon goes beyond organizing events for clients and also focuses on events for prospective employees. This approach not only promotes the company but also provides valuable education for candidates interested in the profession. It's a win-win situation that can lead to finding great additions to your team!

10. Visit Orlando

Visit Orlando, based in Florida's Orlando, specializes in hosting dinners, concerts, festivals, and more. One of their top events is the Magical Dining event, where over 100 local restaurants offer prix-fixe dinners. This annual event is highly anticipated by residents and visitors alike. Hosting event series with local partners is a fantastic way to engage the community, spread the word, and create a lasting impression on potential and current customers.

In conclusion, these world-famous event planning companies and brands serve as a great source of inspiration for your own events. Whether it's through surprise elements, immersive experiences, or attention to detail, each of these companies has something unique to offer. So, take a cue from their success and create unforgettable events that leave a lasting impact!

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