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10 Virtual Bridal Shower Ideas: Celebrating Love Online

Virtual bridal showers have become a popular alternative to in-person celebrations, allowing couples to connect with loved ones near and far. But just because it's virtual doesn't mean it has to be ordinary. With thoughtful...

Virtual bridal showers have become a popular alternative to in-person celebrations, allowing couples to connect with loved ones near and far. But just because it's virtual doesn't mean it has to be ordinary. With thoughtful planning and creative ideas, a virtual bridal shower can be just as meaningful and memorable as a traditional affair.

What is a Virtual Bridal Shower?

A virtual bridal shower is exactly what it sounds like - a wedding shower hosted entirely online using platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. Even if you're also hosting an in-person celebration, a virtual component can include those who can't attend physically but still want to be part of the festivities. The rules for bridal showers have evolved, and couples can choose to have a wedding shower where they're both the guests of honor and invite whoever they'd like to celebrate with them.

What Happens at a Virtual Bridal Shower?

The purpose of a virtual bridal shower is to shower the bride or couple with love before their wedding. There are endless ways to do this without being physically together. Here are some ideas to make it a memorable occasion:

1. Send Presents and Open Them on Camera

The tradition of sending and opening gifts is a classic bridal shower activity. It allows the bride to personally thank guests for their generosity and creates an entertaining experience for gift-givers.

Virtual bridal shower invitation Shower Gifts virtual bridal shower invitation by Paper Source

2. Play Virtual Bridal Shower Games

There are plenty of games that are just as fun to play online. Consider engaging guests with trivia about the couple, a virtual scavenger hunt, or interactive games from platforms like Jackbox. The couple themselves can also participate in rounds of the newlywed game.

3. Have Pre-Wedding Cocktails or Toasts

If the couple is having a micro-wedding or a small ceremony, replace the traditional rehearsal dinner with a Champagne toast over Zoom. This way, even guests unable to attend the intimate event can still feel involved.

4. Share a "Sneak Peek" of the Dress

For brides having an intimate wedding, share a virtual "sneak peek" of the dress with friends and family who might not get to see it in person. Show off the dress either on the hanger or wear it and let everyone share in the excitement.

Before the Gown bridal shower invitation Before the Gown bridal shower invitation by Cheree Berry

5. Take a Cooking or Virtual Yoga Class

If the couple enjoys activities, hire an expert to instruct a virtual cooking class or a yoga session. An art class or mixology lesson could also add a creative touch. These classes can complement theme-related gifts and provide a fun experience for everyone involved.

“Time Well Bent” virtual bridal shower yoga invitation “Time Well Bent” virtual bridal shower yoga invitation by Hello!Lucky

6. Do a Virtual Housewarming Tour

If the couple has moved into a new home before the wedding, treat guests to a virtual housewarming tour instead of a traditional in-person event. Show off the new space and finish with a celebratory toast.

7. Bubbles and Brews

For couples who want to enjoy the shower together, a casual "bubbles and brews" theme is perfect. Guests can bring their favorite drinks and enjoy a virtual cocktail party with a festive Zoom background. The shower can include a toast to the couple and virtual games.

8. Virtual Flower Arranging Class

Don't let the virtual aspect limit your hosting abilities. Join a virtual flower-arranging class for a fun bridal shower idea. To make it even more special, consider sending theme-themed flower cookies as a party favor.

“Pluviôse” by Putnam & Putnam “Pluviôse” virtual bridal shower invitation by Putnam & Putnam

9. Remote Rosé

If the bride-to-be prefers a simple celebration, opt for a remote toast with her closest friends and her favorite rosé.

10. Surprise Virtual Bridal Shower

If the shower is a surprise, the planner can receive packages and drop them off at the couple's home before the party. During the celebration, gifts can be opened, and the couple can express their gratitude to all the attendees. Having someone help keep track of which gifts came from whom can make sending thank-you cards easier.

How to Throw a Virtual Bridal Shower?

Bridal showers are usually hosted by a friend or relative, often the Maid of Honor. The person planning the shower can delegate the details while ensuring a smooth celebration. Whether it's a surprise or not, make sure the bride knows when to log in to the virtual platform. Consider the following steps for a successful virtual bridal shower:

  • Choose a co-host who can act as the emcee and keep the party lively.
  • Plan the guest list, deciding if it will be an intimate gathering or an opportunity to invite more people who wouldn't be able to attend in person.
  • Decide whether gifts will be opened during the shower or not. Provide the mailing address on the invitation for those who wish to send gifts.
  • Pick a suitable time and technology platform, such as Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. Consider time zones and schedule the party accordingly.
  • Send out virtual bridal shower invitations at least three weeks in advance, including all relevant information about the event and any special instructions for guests.


When to Send a Virtual Bridal Shower Invitation?

For a virtual event, sending out invitations three to four weeks in advance is sufficient, as guests won't need to factor in travel plans. Personalize the invitations by including an image of the bride-to-be. Platforms like Paperless Post offer various invitation designs, including animated flyers for a more casual vibe.

Zoom bridal shower invitation “Flutter Photo” virtual bridal shower invitation by CONFETTISYSTEM

Virtual Bridal Shower Invitation Etiquette

To make a virtual bridal shower feel special, thoughtful online invitations are essential. Send the invitations at least three weeks in advance and clearly communicate the party details. If the bride or couple plans to open gifts live during the event, include the best mailing address on the invitation. Suggest a deadline for gift orders to account for potential mail delays and provide a link to their wedding registry.

Ensure that guests understand how to log in to the virtual platform and are aware of the shower's timeline. Specify the start and end times to manage expectations. With platforms like Paperless Post, you can easily send follow-up messages to remind guests of the party details and provide any necessary updates.

Remember, your virtual bridal shower invitation should reflect your care and make guests feel excited about the celebration. Let's toast to a memorable virtual shower that goes beyond the average text!

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