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10+ Amazing Cocomelon Party Food Ideas

If you're planning a Cocomelon themed party and wondering what to put on the menu, you've come to the right place! I've put together a list of the best Cocomelon party food ideas that will...

If you're planning a Cocomelon themed party and wondering what to put on the menu, you've come to the right place! I've put together a list of the best Cocomelon party food ideas that will perfectly fit your theme and make your celebration memorable.

Cocomelon Party Food Ideas Image source: Starevent.vn

Cocomelon is an extremely popular kids show that is loved by babies, toddlers, and even some school-age children. It's the perfect theme for a birthday party, and there are plenty of Cocomelon party supplies, party favors, and invitations available to help you throw the perfect Cocomelon birthday bash.

There are certain Cocomelon songs that naturally fit when it comes to choosing Cocomelon party food ideas. Whether the song's name is a perfect fit or the lyrics make immediate sense for a specific food item, incorporating these songs into your menu adds an extra touch of fun. Additionally, Cocomelon is associated with icons like watermelons, bright colors, and rainbows that easily integrate into your party ideas and menu.

Let's dive into the list of amazing Cocomelon party food ideas:

Fresh Fruit Ice Cream

Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Image source: Starevent.vn

If you're a Cocomelon fan, you've probably had the song "Fresh Fruit Ice Cream" stuck in your head before. Fresh fruit ice cream is not only a delicious treat but also a great addition to your Cocomelon themed birthday party menu. Even older guests will be excited to indulge in this sweet delight.

Rainbow Popsicles

Rainbow Popsicles Image source: Starevent.vn

In the Cocomelon show, there's a song titled "The Colors Song with Popsicles," where the characters blend fresh fruits into rainbow popsicles. If you have popsicle molds at home and some time before the party, these treats perfectly align with the Cocomelon party theme. You can even find rainbow popsicles at the store to save time.

Jiggly Jello

Jiggly Jello Image source: Starevent.vn

Another famous Cocomelon song about rainbow colors is the "Jiggly Jello Song." Jello is a fun option that you can serve in different ways. You can create jello cups in individual colors or make a layered rainbow jello dessert at home. It's a safe and enjoyable food for little kids and the birthday child to enjoy.

Watermelon Cake

Watermelon Cake Image source: Starevent.vn

A Cocomelon party isn't complete without a cake, and a watermelon-themed cake is a perfect choice. This recipe is easy enough for beginners, and you can even use it as a watermelon smash cake for your baby's first birthday. To add a special touch, consider adding a Cocomelon cake topper. You can find the full tutorial for a watermelon cake here.


Watermelon Image source: Starevent.vn

Watermelon is an iconic Cocomelon symbol and a great addition to a Cocomelon themed birthday party. You can use watermelons as part of your buffet table decor or simply serve sliced watermelon as a refreshing fruit. You can even get creative and make geometric food shapes using watermelon and cookie cutters.

Geometric Food Shapes

Geometric Food Shapes Image source: Starevent.vn

Food shapes like circles, squares, diamonds, and triangles are a great idea for Cocomelon party food. Inspired by the song "Shapes in my Lunchbox," you can create triangle sandwiches or cut up watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe into various fun shapes. Toddlers will enjoy eating these different shapes, and they're easy for little fingers to pick up and eat on their own.

Rainbow Fruit Platter

Rainbow Fruit Platter Image source: Starevent.vn

A rainbow fruit platter or rainbow fruit cups are a simple and colorful idea for Cocomelon party food that will please everyone. The rainbow theme is widely used in the show and incorporating it into your menu aligns perfectly with the colorful and bright ambiance of Cocomelon.

Rainbow Vegetable Platter

Rainbow Vegetable Platter Image source: Starevent.vn

Inspired by the "Yes Yes Vegetables" song from Cocomelon, you can create a rainbow vegetable platter. This fun and colorful idea complements the party theme perfectly and adds a healthy touch to your menu.

Rainbow Cake

Rainbow Cake Image source: Starevent.vn

Instead of a watermelon cake, a rainbow cake or rainbow cupcakes can also fit your Cocomelon birthday theme. You can find a delicious rainbow cake recipe accompanied by step-by-step directions and photos here. It's a colorful and delightful option, especially for a rainbow smash cake.


Pizza Image source: Starevent.vn

Did you know that JJ and the rest of the Cocomelon family have Italian heritage? They even have a song about making pizza together called "The Pizza Song." Serving pizza at your Cocomelon party not only aligns with the theme but also gives your guests a delicious treat to enjoy. It's sure to impress your little one and all the attendees.


Pasta Image source: Starevent.vn

Similarly to the pizza song, Cocomelon also has a "Pasta Song" that you can include in your party playlist to tie it into the theme. If your birthday child isn't a big pizza fan, pasta is another excellent option that adds a fun twist to your menu while keeping the theme consistent.

With these Cocomelon party food ideas, your theme is practically guaranteed to be a success! You can even enhance the experience by serving the food on paper plates featuring the characters of Cocomelon. Your little one will feel extra special, and the buffet table will catch everyone's attention.

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